Unemployment rate at it’s lowest since the 70’s!

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As members of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC), not only do Glen Callum Associates adhere to their strict code of conduct and recruitment ethics, we are also privy to their latest news and information with regards to the UK job market.

The REC has just published a report on the UK Labour market, noting that permanent placements are still on the rise, which is obviously great news for candidates.

The flip side to this is as demand for staff across the UK remains strong,  candidate availability drops, thus pushing the average starting salaries to their reported highest since April 2015!

Unemployment stays at 4% – a 43-year low

The report by the REC also mirrors information from the Office of National Statistics with headlines of the lowest unemployment rate since the 70’s.

The panel from the REC stated that the low unemployment rate had impacted on candidate supply. Furthermore, Automotive Engineers, CNC machinists, Design and Electrical engineers were skills reported to be in short supply. 

Employers within these sectors are constantly faced with a struggle to employ as the available talent pool is dwindling.  

At Glen Callum Associates we specialise in passive candidate engagement, connecting and communicating with candidates using a variety of methods, ensuring they are aware of the availability of vacant roles. So whether you are a candidate trying to find the perfect role, or as a business struggling to reach out to candidates, call us today to see how we can help you on 01384485274.

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