Our 5 Top Tips on Interviewing

We have put together 5 top tips on ‘how to interview both professionally and effectively whilst ensuring that the recruitment experience is useful and leaves the candidate with a positive view on the process and the company’.

  • Smile and encourage the candidate – An interview process can be extremely nervous, for both the interviewer and the interviewee, however nerves do not necessarily mean that the candidate is unsuitable. Take nerves into account – a good interviewer will put the candidate at ease and therefore allow them to impart their knowledge and capabilities.
  • Be aware of your expectations – A candidate who is being interviewed for a junior position may not have the same communication skills as a candidate applying for a more senior role, be realistic.
  • Have prepared a synopsis on the company and the role – By explaining the position and the company to the candidate you are allowing them to make realistic choices as to whether they are suitable and would enjoy working within the organisation. It is far less painful for all concerned if a candidate pulls out of the recruitment process at the interview stage rather than after 2 days into the job because they were not fully aware of the position requirements or the company culture.
  • Avoid disparaging questioning – A candidate will not perform at their best if they are made to feel uncomfortable, they will also take away a negative perception of the interviewer/company. If difficult questions are required, or questions used which necessitates a candidate to ‘think on their feet’, then ensure they are delivered in a constructive manner.
  • Remember it’s not always an employers market – Good candidates in any climate may still have the option to chose where they work and are obviously influenced by their interview experience. Condescending and arrogant interviewers may reflect on the company and therefore discourage quality candidates.

Glen Callum Associates have professional interviewers who have been actively involved in the candidate screening process for many years and experience and results tell us that the interview should be a ‘two way process’.

Interviews should be an opportunity for a candidate to learn about the employer, the job and to ensure the position is right for them.   It should also be an opportunity for the recruiter/employer to ascertain if the candidate has the relevant skills, abilities and ‘fit’ for the job.

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