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Glen Callum Corporate Brochure

Welcome to Glen Callum Associates – specialists in automotive, engineering and industrial recruitment across the UK and Europe.

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Interview Techniques and Interview Questions

Following these simple pointers will help you secure the job.

We invite you to accept these guidelines with the spirit intended. You may well have attended many interviews in the past and feel that you have mastered the art – however, reading the following may alert you to something simple that you might just have overlooked.

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Jobhunter Q&A’s

Some frequently asked questions about registering as a jobhunter and a guide to updating your details.
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Our 5 Top Tips on Interviewing

We have put together 5 top tips on ‘how to interview both professionally and effectively whilst ensuring that the recruitment experience is useful and leaves the candidate with a positive view on the process and the company’. Continue reading full article

Our Top CV Writing Tips

Your CV is generally the first and sometimes the only tool to enable you to sell yourself to a prospective new employer, we have listed our favourite CV tips to help you ensure a positive result.

We have taken a light hearted approach to what can sometimes be a daunting task so we hope you enjoy…

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