Life at Glen Callum Associates: The journey from Trainee to Recruitment Consultant

Why is it so great at Glen Callum Associates?

Glen, Kerrie and the rest of the Glen Callum team really make training fun and effective. While the work can be difficult, we really are a team in every sense, we support one another and push each other to do better. There is a real “hands on” approach to learning here and you will be taught skills and given the freedom to use them. You’re never abandoned or just left to get on with it however you will find that as your skills and confidence grow, so does the freedom you are given to become a fully-fledged Recruitment Consultant.

What happens day to day?

Stage One
Your first few months will entail understanding the “ins and outs” of a recruitment business and the industries that Glen Callum Associates serve. Tasks such as posting job adverts on the job boards and responding to applications. All very admin driven initially however we expect our recruiters to learn from the bottom up and this training gives you an excellent understanding of the full recruitment process.
Stage Two
Stage two will be learning to search the job boards, complicated at first but there are plenty of us here willing to help you perfect your skills. You will also start to answer the phone and get to grips with the recruitment software. Oh and of course ensuring the recruiters helping you are well refreshed with drinks!
Stage Three
Onto the final stage, this will include listening in on calls with the consultants and learning about the different roles and clients we work with. Then you’ll start picking up the phone, calling candidates to conduct initial screenings, arranging interviews and feeding back information to the recruiters. Once you have a more detailed knowledge of the companies and the job roles we recruit for we will introduce you to writing job specifications. Teaching you how fully SEO optimise each job advert to get top rankings on the job boards.
It is only when you have full knowledge of the above key tasks that we slowly start to introduce you to the full recruitment process. Under the guidance of our Recruitment Director Glen Shepherd and the Training Manager Kayleigh Bradley, you will slowly take on more of the job of a fully-fledged recruiter. You will shadow at client meetings and sit in and learn how to interview.

Where will you be after 18 months?
Dependent on your drive and attitude you should at this point be trained and ready to go. You’ll be able to take a brief from a client, communicate professionally with HR Managers or owners of businesses and build a job specification. You will be writing your own job adverts and searching for the right candidates to contact. You will still work under guidance, as recruiting is a profession whereby you are always learning, however you will have the autonomy to make a difference.
Having earned your stripes you can now enjoy the rewards, obviously there are cash incentives but you will also ‘feel the buzz’ of telling candidates that they have been successful and take pride in having clients ask specifically for you!
So what are you waiting for?
Call us today on 01384 485274 and tell us you have seen this post and want to start YOUR journey at Glen Callum Associates.

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