Advice on skills, employment and apprenticeships within the UK automotive industry

If you are a looking to take your first step into a career in the motor Trade and want information on skills and employment in the UK automotive industry view the SMMT factsheet link below:

Alternatively if you are seeking an Apprenticeship within the automotive industry, enabling you to earn money whilst gaining qualifications, then view the link below, via the institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), to enable you to gain information on standards, qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks.

The automotive sector currently employs over 700,000 people in the UK, in jobs ranging from design, development, manufacturing, retail, and service and repair. (Information provided by the SMMT – Society of Motor Trade Manufacturers and Traders)

Be a part of the UK automotive industry and join us in attracting the brightest and best talent to the sector!

Glen Callum Associates are a leading automotive, engineering and industrial recruitment agency for manufacturing and technical positions.


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