Where to begin to source new sales staff?

As a long established UK sales recruitment agency, Glen Callum Associates offer advice to leading automotive companies on methods of sourcing specialist sales staff.

Is online advertising the way……..

Candidates are becoming more cautious with regards to posting their CV information online making it increasing difficult for employers to know where to start their search for specialist staff.  Gone are the days when job boards were the only port of call needed for an employer to gain access to the talent pool.  Candidates who may be interested in new opportunities may no longer want their personal details banded across job boards or social networks.

Establishing contacts……

This is when specialist recruitment agencies are able to lead the way for employers who require candidates with industry specific skills.  Having built an automotive and industrial specific database over a period of 14 years, leading automotive aftermarket recruitment agency Glen Callum Associates have the advantage of access to a professional pool of talented individuals.  With a discreet team of dedicated consultants, and endless industry knowledge and contacts, Glen Callum Associates has the ability to source employees who would otherwise remain covert!

Contact us directly for information on our complete range of recruitment services and allow us to save you time and resource in your search for hidden talent.

Glen Callum Associates – 01384 485274 / jobs@glencallum.co.uk


Glen Callum Associates are a leading automotive, engineering and industrial recruitment agency for manufacturing and technical positions.  Our consultants have valuable senior sales, marketing and operational experience within organisations within the automotive and industrial industry.

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