Well done to Claire, our black belt in internet recruitment!

Internet Recruiting Ninja

Claire is the latest of our team to successfully complete the “sourcing Ninja” course run by Social Talent.  (Social Talent is the leading global provider of online and social media training to the recruitment industry).

As part of the Glen Callum Associates continued professional development and training programme, our staff have the opportunity to complete “The Black Belt in internet Recruitment course” recommended for recruitment, headhunt and HR professionals.  The course is designed to teach recruitment professionals how to become more efficient, proactive and effective Recruiters. Continue reading full article

Understanding Millennials when recruiting!

#OpenLetter to companies that plan on existing in 25 years’ time

Understanding Millennials when recruiting

Dear companies,

Here I am, Claire Thomas, 24, a classic Millennial. I’m a Kick ass trainee recruitment consultant by day and a self-confessed social media addict and Netflix Junkie out of office hours. But not all Millennials are like me. Funnily enough, we aren’t all the same (I know right? Who would’ve thought?). Continue reading full article