Top 10 interview Tips

It’s Friday and after a week of back to back interviews our consultants were chatting about how good candidates let themselves down by poor interview preparation… we decided we would impart a little of our knowledge to help you all out

The Glen Callum top 10 for Interview Preparation!

1.  Arrive on Time- We’d love to tell you that this goes without saying but you’d be surprised!

2.  Research the company- bring your notes! you worked hard on that research, show it off in a way by referring back to them during the interview (it will help your

3.  Prepare questions to show interest

4. Be positive and show enthusiasm

5. Practice talking through your CV/Career history

6. Be aware of the job requirements, match them to your own skills/experience and TAKE EXAMPLES AND PRESENT YOUR EXAMPLES

7.  Prepare for common questions

8.  Dress for success

9.  Ask about the next stage

10.  Follow the interview up

All of the above are simple tips but its surprising how many candidates fall down because they don’t follow them.

For more information on interview preparation and to view our jobs check out  or ring us and get in touch

Happy Friday and Happy interview success!

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