The Glen Callum Top 8 CV Writing Tips

Looking for CV writing tips and advice?

Your CV is usually the first and sometimes the only chance you have to sell yourself to a prospective employer. We have listed our favourite CV tips to help you ensure a positive result.

Read our straightforward, light-hearted approach to what can be a daunting task. Enjoy…

1) Tailor your CV towards the position for which you are applying.

Don’t write in detail about your first job as a belly dancer if you’re applying for a position as an automotive Branch Manager! Be relevant and include details which will ensure that the employer is aware of your suitability

2) Include your contact details

There’s no use having a fantastic CV and being the ideal candidate if the employer can’t get hold of you? Don’t be fooled it does happen!

3) Clear layout

Make sure the CV is easy to read. Don’t include gimmicky colours or texts. Not all PC software is able to read unusual font styles. So, when an employer is reviewing hundreds of CV’s, they won’t spend much time reading a CV with bright pink background.

4) Use reverse chronological order

Your current or most recent job is usually your most relevant experience, so show that first at the top of your work experience section. That belly dancing job you had part time during university isn’t the experience you need the prospective employer to see first! Or maybe it is, who are we to judge?

Don’t rely on spell checkers!

They don’t always pick up words which have dual meanings. It’s highly amusing when a candidate claims to be “ideal for the roll”. Another fun example is your time spent as a “Belly Dancing Manger”. Technically “manger” is a correct word but probably not what you intended to say.

  • Ensure you proofread your CV and ask a reliable friend to proofread it too.
  • Check your grammar! attention to detail is crucial as sloppiness and mistakes could see a CV getting ditched.

5) Be careful of humour and familiarity

Telling your new employer that you have a dog called Tiddles and that you prefer Tiddles to your wife is neither big nor clever.

6) Include relevant examples of previous successes

Let the employer know that you have been the top salesperson for your national sales team for the past 4 years. But that’s not so relevant (or impressive) if you are the only salesperson in your team

7) Be honest

This shouldn’t need saying. Lying about qualifications, reasons for leaving and the number of positions you have is dangerous. our simple rule of thumb for this is “DON’T DO IT”.

The above is a snapshot of our knowledge on CV writing. For more detailed information on writing a CV view our website at . For more information on job searching, contact one of our consultants at Glen Callum Associates Ltd. Glen Callum Associates Ltd are the leading Automotive and Industrial Recruitment Specialists.