Well done Jenny – Blooming with pride!

Jenny isn’t one to boast about the thank you messages that she regularly receives from clients and candidates for a job well done, however today her thanks was there for all the Glen Callum team to see following a delivery to the office by Interflora!

Jenny always goes above and beyond in helping clients with their recruitment activity and in this instance she was rewarded for a sterling job providing a leading automotive aftermarket company namely Bluegrasscoms Ltd with “salary benchmarking” information.

Jenny has been a recruitment professional for over 25 years and her knowledge of the sector is top class, great to see Jenny rewarded directly by clients for her continued hard work and professionalism.

Big well done Jenny!.

A day in the life of a Glen Callum Recruiter!

Glen Callum Associates were honoured when Aftermarket Magazine requested to join us for a “day in the life….” article. 

Alex Wells the editor of Aftermarket magazine is a familiar face in the industry. Prior to joining Aftermarket he ran a number of magazines in the industry including Garage & Bodyshop Professional and Automotive Industry Magazine as well as BODY Magazine, covering the crash repair sector.

Alex says: “Aftermarket is a great publication. I’ve greatly admired it as a reader over the years and I’m delighted to be its editor. There are many challenges ahead for the sector and it is vital that the leading publication in the industry covers the serious issues facing garages and suppliers. I will make sure Aftermarket continues to be the destination publication for news and views in our industry.”


He adds: “I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing everyone with my new Aftermarket hat on.”

And that’s exactly what Alex did when he joined the Glen Callum Team! Continue reading full article