Telephone Interview Guide & Checklist

Congratulations! You made it past the screening stage of selection, now here you are ready for your telephone interview. Read on whilst we guide you through your telephone interview…… your opportunity to make that all important first impression. Continue reading full article

How to interview like an expert!

We have put together 5 top tips on “how to interview both professionally and effectively whilst ensuring that the recruitment experience is useful and leaves the candidate with a positive view on the process and the company”.

1. Smile and encourage the candidate – an interview process can be extremely nervous, for both the interviewer and the interviewee, however nerves do not necessarily mean that the candidate is unsuitable. Take nerves into account – a good interviewer will put the candidate at ease and therefore allow them to impart their knowledge and capabilities.

2. Be aware of your expectations – A candidate who is being interviewed for a junior position may not have the same communications skills as a candidate applying for a more senior role, be realistic.

3. Have prepared a synopsis on the company and the role – by explaining the position and the company to the candidate you are allowing them to make realistic choices as to whether they Continue reading full article

Interview Preparation Tips – Hints on The forgotten Art

You’ve done the difficult part tailoring your CV and selling yourself to get short-listed for interview against dozens of other eager candidates.  Now is your chance to impress your future employer.

Preparation is the first hurdle and your interviewer will be using this as an indication as to what kind of employee you may become, should you be successful.

Here are the basic essentials to bear in mind: Continue reading full article

10 Simple Pre-Interview Tips!

Our simple checklist of 10 pre-interview tips!

Make sure you are prepared for your interview by carrying out a few simple pre-interview tasks.  This will allow you to enter the interview room on time and with confidence!

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