Are Automotive Engineers Salaries increasing?

Are Automotive Engineers Salaries increasing?

Recruiting within the automotive and industrial engineering sectors the Glen Callum team were interested to read that salaries in the automotive engineering sector were on their way up so we thought we would share the good news with our engineering jobseekers!

The Engineer‘s 2018 Salary Survey was released this week and salaries have increased. The average salary of Automotive Engineers responding to the survey is now at £48,967, up slightly from 2017 (£48,100) and very close to the average for engineer salaries in comparison to other sectors.

A notable difference was seen between those Engineers who were professionally registered and those who did not. In the Automotive sector, Engineers who were professionally registered could look to earn an average of £53,724 per annum while those Engineers who were not professionally registered earn an average of £44,744 per annum.

Average automotive engineer salary by seniority*

Junior engineer £32,163
Senior engineer/manager £48,908
Director or above £81,227

*All data from The Engineer Salary Survey 2018. 

It was noted that Junior engineers and Senior engineers who work within the Automotive sector can also expect to earn salaries close to the overall average for engineers in the UK.

Directors in the automotive industry were seen to be the highest earners throughout all the engineering sectors in 2018. Automotive Engineering Directors have seen their average salary increase from £74,992 in 2017 to £81,226 this year, however it is important to note that this jump could be due to the increased sample size.

Average automotive engineer salary by region*

London or SE England £56,954
Midlands or East Anglia £51,615
North of England £46,528
Outside UK £40,674
Scotland/Wales or NI £39,364
South West England £38,933

*All data from The Engineer Salary Survey 2018. 

If you are based in either the sunny South East or London you’ll earn the highest wage as a UK Automotive Engineer, on average, at £56,954 (up from £50,737 in 2017).

Engineers working in the automotive industry were seen to be those most content with over half happy in their jobs.   Automotive Engineers were also the “most likely to expect to remain in the industry for the next five years” with 85.6% stating their plans were to remain in the Automotive industry.

So for our automotive engineers the salaries are rising and a huge 85% of you plan to remain.

The Engineer’s 2018 Salary Survey was conducted in partnership with CBSbutler. 

Click here for the full results of the Salary Survey. 

Maybe you are on the hunt for Automotive Engineers to join your business or maybe you are an Automotive Engineer searching for your next challenge? Either way why not call our team to discuss today? We have several recruiters who are specialised in Engineering roles and would be happy to help.

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