Glen Callum Associates’ 10 best Interview questions and tips

Job Interview tips

Congratulations, you got the interview, now get the job with The Glen Callum “Top 10 tips for Interview Preparation”!

Top interview tip #1: Research the company

Do your research and bring those notes! You worked hard on that research, show it off in a subtle way by referring back to them during the interview (it will help make a great impression!).

Top interview tip #2: Arrive on Time

We’d love to tell you that this goes without saying but you’d be surprised! Traffic, route diversions, car problems, simply getting lost. We know these things happen but they seem to happen even more on interview day. Continue reading full article

Telephone Interview Guide & Checklist

Congratulations! You made it past the screening stage of selection, now here you are ready for your telephone interview. Read on whilst we guide you through your telephone interview…… your opportunity to make that all important first impression. Continue reading full article