Don’t be a Passive Candidate – How to be successful in your job search

Job searchI’m sure you’ve seen adverts on job boards and the recent TV advertising campaigns targeting candidates with the message “register your CV and employers will come to you”

Are you happy to just be one of the crowd or likewise are you happy to miss out?

To enable guaranteed success in any aspect of your life you often need to either be there first or to stand out – so why when striving for a career move should you just sit there, be passive and wait for a new job to happen?

As successful recruiters with 16 years expertise we wanted to pass on a few simple pointers to our candidates to ensure you aren’t the passive candidate and you nail that role!

  1. Ensure employers are aware of you – simply search for adverts and apply for jobs – not all employers will seek you out, therefore be proactive.
  2. Ensure any profile or CV you publish stands out – Take time out and make the effort to ensure an updated, succinct and relevant CV or a striking social networking profile.
  3. Follow up – don’t just rely on submitting an application and waiting – follow up, send emails, telephone, do your homework and impress.
  4. Engage – If you are contacted by a recruiter or an employer with a position that maybe isn’t right for you engage anyway, these contacts are key to you building relationships, selling yourself and ensuring future suitable opportunities. Or why not take the initiative and contact them?

Most candidates are aware of the effort and preparation needed at interview stage so why not also make the effort to ensure you get an interview!

Go out and grab the opportunities out there!

For more hints and tips on job searching, interview preparation, CV writing and Job board profiling then contact our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team at Glen Callum Associates and use our expertise to assist with your next career move.

Autojobs AppGlen Callum Associates are established professional recruiters within the automotive, industrial and allied industries.  Dealing with permanent placements for leading manufacturers and distributors.  Forward your CV to or alternatively view our website testimonials on or call us on 01384 485274.


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