Our Rising Star – Welcome to the team!

Following a very successful probation period we welcome Claire Thomas to the Glen Callum Recruitment Team……in her own words…….

 Claire Thomas - Glen Callum Recruitment

Who am I?

My name is Claire. I am one of the happiest people you will meet and probably one of the most determined too. I’ve got two passions in this world:

1) Making people happier.

2) Talking to people.

And I love what I get to do every day here at Glen Callum. So here is the story of how I came to be a part of the team.

I grew up in rural West Wales on farms and country estates with my dad, surrounded by a world of tractors, diggers, vans, lorries and cars. As a teenager I knew more about tractors and engines than I ever did about pop music and fashion (which is still true today to be fair).

Why recruitment?

I finished my BSc psychology at Cardiff met in July 2014 and knew that I wanted to go back into the world of business rather than following a clinical or research based route. I chose MSc Business psychology, which largely focussed on recruitment. Recruitment called to me. It ticked both boxes, it meant I could talk to lots of people and making people happier by helping them in their careers, while achieving my own.

Why Glen Callum?

There are 3 reason I wanted to work for Glen Callum.

  • Their ethical recruiter status

From their job advert online and the moment that I spoke with Director Glen Shepherd it was clear that they value their ethics as a company.

  • Their Drive.

Glen Callum is committed to be the best recruiters in their industry by putting in the hours and hard work, and I’m committed to being successful by putting in my own hours and hard work.

  • Their Success.

The company started over 17 years ago, and now they are more successful than ever before and I plan on being a part of that success moving forward.

So now I am guessing that you are wondering how I bagged myself such a sweet job? Well, I will let you in on my secret. 

I picked up the phone and told the Director, Glen Shepherd, that I wanted to work for his company and learn the ropes with them, work with them and grow with them.

What next?

Now that I am finding my feet in the fast world of automotive recruitment I am so keen to keep on. I love what I do and I am determined to keep on working hard and who knows? Maybe one day someone will call me when I am the director and ask if they can come and work for me 😉

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