Glen Callum goes to the Recruitment Expo 2017

Recruitment Agency Expo 2017 Round-up

The Expo

The Expo is the biggest trade-only event aimed at recruitment agencies and offers the chance for recruiters to network, view the latest products and get the latest ‘what’s what’ in the world of recruitment.

Being only 30 miles from the Glen Callum office, this gave us the opportunity to attend across both days, giving us fantastic exposure to what is happening in the recruitment market and allowing us to see the latest developments to make sure we are fully prepared for the challenges 2018 will bring.


It is predicted 2018 will bring a number of challenges, the most talked about at the Expo by far was Brexit.

The upcoming Brexit deal has contributed to a staggering 69% of employers struggling to find suitable skilled staff, with the gap costing the UK economy £2 Billion annually.  A huge 94% of candidates class themselves as passive (that means only 6% are actively looking for a new role).  So the combination of skill shortages and passive candidates meant the Brexit gap was a ‘hot topic’ at the Expo.

 Talking the talk…

The Expo also has speeches and seminars by representatives from a wide spectrum of companies in the world of recruitment, these include social media agencies, recruitment think tanks, software companies, marketing companies and renowned figures in the recruitment arena, all aiming to help attending consultants improve the service they provide.

Topics of the talks covered a vast range of subjects, such as the upcoming GDPR regulations, how to utilise social media to ensure agencies attract the best possible candidates, engaging jobseekers in today’s passive market, the rise of ‘gig’ jobs and many more.


What we took away…

Having attended across both days means here at Glen Callum we had the best possible exposure to all that the Expo had to offer, which, coupled with our recently extended headcount and larger premises means we can continue to offer the premium service we have been offering to clients and candidates for the past 19 years!

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