Glen Callum Associates’ 10 best Interview questions and tips

Job Interview tips

Congratulations, you got the interview, now get the job with The Glen Callum “Top 10 tips for Interview Preparation”!

Top interview tip #1: Research the company

Do your research and bring those notes! You worked hard on that research, show it off in a subtle way by referring back to them during the interview (it will help make a great impression!).

Top interview tip #2: Arrive on Time

We’d love to tell you that this goes without saying but you’d be surprised! Traffic, route diversions, car problems, simply getting lost. We know these things happen but they seem to happen even more on interview day.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes early to your interview location, then go for a short walk, go get a coffee, sit in your car, whatever! While being early can be a good sign of how keen you are, it can also rush your interviewers to get ready. We just never anticipate other people being early and it can throw off our plan!

Top interview tip #3: Dress for success

Look the part. Unless told otherwise we suggest “suited and booted” for most interviews. As my boss likes to put it “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” (Please note: We do not advise dressing as a super hero).

Top interview tip #4: Put yourself in a Positive and Enthusiastic mood

We know sometimes nerves can get the best of you, and that’s okay. It shows you care about this interview and that role. Basically, would you want to work with someone that was negative with no enthusiasm? Exactly.

Bonus Tip 1: Call your no.1 fan before your interview. Call that one person who makes you feel like you are going to take over the world one day. They will help to put you in the right head space for your interview.

Bonus Tip 2: Stay in “interview mode” within the vicinity of your interview. Just remember that every person you meet in that area could be a future colleague at that company.  That includes the local coffee shop!

Top interview tip #5: Practice talking through your CV/ Career history

This should be your interview bread and butter. This is your history, your career, you are the expert here. No one in the world should be able to sell this information better than you.

Top interview tip #6: Be aware of the job requirements

Match them to your own skills/experience and (and I say this loudly for the people in the back…) TAKE EXAMPLES AND PRESENT YOUR EXAMPLES TO THE INTERVIEWERS!

Don’t be afraid to brag *A LITTLE!* Bring proof that you can do/have done what you say you’ve done. Also bringing your bragging file along makes you look very professional and well prepared.

Top interview tip #7: Prepare for the common questions

These are your basic interview questions: Fail to prepare for these basic questions and the blame is really on you.

  • “Tell us a little about yourself?”  Please no more than 2/3 minutes. The emphasis is on “little”
  • “What’s your biggest achievement?” or “What are you most proud of?”
  • “What is your biggest weakness?” Own your weaknesses and note how you overcome them day to day (or your plan for trying to overcome them). Don’t tell us that you’re a workaholic or a perfectionist, we’re not buying it. Be honest.
  • “What is your biggest strength?” If that strength isn’t relevant to this role, why do the interview panel care? So don’t say “cake decorating” or “Xbox” unless it’s relevant to the role.
  • “Why you for this role?” This is secretly every question that the interviewers ask you. Gear your answers toward showing the panel why you are the best candidate for this role and the company.

Top interview tip #8: Prepare questions to show interest

5 questions minimum. Write them down (in your notes that you brought along from top interview tip number 2). Just make sure that these haven’t already been answered or you may look like you haven’t been paying attention.

Bonus tip: If by a miracle they have answered all your questions and they ask you at the end “do you have any questions?” just reply by saying that they answered your questions and then briefly run through those questions and how they were answered. (proves you were listening!)

Top interview tip #9: Ask about the next stage

After you’ve asked all your questions but before you get up to leave is your perfect chance to thank the interviewers and give a 2 minute pitch about how keen you are on the role and what you feel you could bring to the company. Close that deal!

Top interview tip #10: Follow the interview up

Send an email to thank the hiring managers, phone the recruiter (us), let us know that you’re keen (trust me, we do tell the hiring manager which candidates chase for feedback!).

Now go, be brilliant and get that job!

Good luck

Claire Thomas - Glen Callum RecruitmentThis article was written by Claire Thomas, Recruitment Consultant at Glen Callum Associates. Claire has an MSc in Occupational psychology covering HR Management, Psychological Assessment & Measurement, Organisational change, development & employee relations.  Claire also has a BSc in Psychology and has recently completed her Black Belt Ninja in Recruiting!

For further information on interview preparation don’t hesitate to contact Claire or any of the other recruiters within our friendly team at Glen Callum Associates on 01384 485274.