Interview Preparation Tips – Hints on The forgotten Art

You’ve done the difficult part tailoring your CV and selling yourself to get short-listed for interview against dozens of other eager candidates.  Now is your chance to impress your future employer.

Preparation is the first hurdle and your interviewer will be using this as an indication as to what kind of employee you may become, should you be successful.

Here are the basic essentials to bear in mind:


  • Be sure to research the company, their customer-base, services and/or products as thoroughly as possible. Visit the website, read the news and blogs, find out what they’re up to, and what direction they’re going in.
  • LinkedIn is a good networking tool, but you might also consider looking up your interviewer(s), their background and hobbies. Not only will this uncover common ground and elicit conversation, but they will notice that you have viewed them as research.
  • Attitude is also key.  Avoid any negative comments about previous employers or ex-colleagues and talk about what you can do in the role, rather than focus on what competitors can’t do.


  • Personal presentation. Many employers are staunchly traditional and will expect smart suit, tie and conservative (or at least restrained!) hairstyle. So ditch the Micky Mouse tie, football socks and the gelled Mohican.
  • Bring a notepad and pen. If you’re serious about joining the company you will be investigating whether it is the right fit for you. It’s prudent to gather this information and shows you are serious.


  • Two documents that you should know thoroughly (and bring hard copies of) are your CV and the job description. Do you have any gaps in employment that need explaining? Is there something in the job spec you’re rusty on and need to brush up?
  • If you can get your hands on catalogues, flyers, leaflets or any other assorted literature, this is always a good thing to have conspicuously poking out of the top of your notes.
  • At the end of your interview you will almost certainly be asked if you have any questions for your interviewers. The only thing worse than asking about salary or holiday allowance is having no questions at all.

So these are the interview preparation essentials, the minimum requirement for any successful first interview. You can and should go over and beyond these standards, because the old cliché ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail’ is here to stay.

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