In need of Information Technology and E Business Staff?

Technology is evolving and the need for automotive aftermarket companies to take on “ebusiness professionals” to assist in their online strategies is evolving too!

We not only recruit for sales roles – we also recruit for E-business roles, Product managers, Data Analysts, Catalogue Data Managers, Technical Authors, Project Managers, Electronic Business Managers, Technical support, System administrators, Communications and Marketing Execs!

In the emerging global economy, e-commerce and e-business have increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy and a strong e-business team of professionals is imperative in any business to enable future growth.

Glen Callum Associates started out as traditional recruiters for Sales and Marketing within the automotive aftermarket.  Following our own e-business successes and following our own identification of a growing e-business market place we have built a database and a successful advertising stream enabling us to have access to a plethora of talented individuals within this sector.

If your company is looking to recruit outside of traditional sales and marketing streams to enable a grasp over the competition then get in touch.  Our team are happy to advise and assist in increasing your ebusiness team!

Call or mail us at 01384 485274 or

Check out the latest Glen Callum “mobile application” tool and download our app!

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