How to GET HIRED! Post interview Tips

So you’ve presented a professional and super selling hot CV, you’ve fully researched the company and made a huge effort in nailing an interview, you’ve smashed the interview and given the performance of your life…..and then you just sit there…….and wait….or do you?

The Recruitment process shouldn’t be finished at the point of walking out of the interview, why when candidates put an enormous amount of effort into the process up to and including the interview stage do they think the job is done?  Read our simple post interview tips to ensure that you finish the process with a job offer and an employer happy they have made the right choice.

5 Simple Post Interview Tips!!


Follow up with a short personal email message or telephone call asap after the interview reiterating your interest in the role.  Reinforce any relevant skills or particular experience you feel gives you an edge.


Remember your behaviour after the interview could be the deciding factor for an interviewer who is struggling to decide between two candidates who are on par.  Ensure when making your “follow up” contact that you continue to remain professional and communicative.  It is fundamental to ensure accuracy and attention to detail when corresponding in written format.


Ensure if offered the role that you also maintain contact and return any requests documents/contracts promptly to highlight continued enthusiasm and likewise your organisational/communication skills.  Don’t give your future employer any doubts which may hamper your induction/trial/probationary period.


If you aren’t successful then ask for feedback, it may be something simple that let you down which you can rectify for future interviews.


Advice we give to all candidates, however especially crucial for candidates interviewed for a sales role, is persistence is key.  This not only demonstrates your enthusiasm however it also ensures that the interviewer remembers you.

Persistence is central to success in all roles, however it’s vital for a sales role – you wouldn’t expect to give up without ensuring you had done all you could to secure the deal, would you?

Good luck with your follow ups and GET HIRED!

Glen Callum Associates are successful recruiters in the automotive aftermarket and have a 16 year pedigree.  For more information and advice on the recruitment process from a candidate or a client view get in touch with our friendly team at 01384 485274 or email or


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