What’s the score? Football World Cup guidance for employers…….  

Some of the recruiters at Glen Callum Associates have been eagerly counting down the days to the start of the world cup, well today’s the day!  Many other employees will be exactly like our team, excited about the prospect of watching the games and joining in with the World Cup spirit.   So how does this affect the workplace?

Just in time for kick off!

Whilst attending an ACAS presentation yesterday, on the latest HR legislation, the much anticipated world cup was raised, thus aside from sharing with you our sweepstake results, I thought you may be interested in reading ACAS guidance released to help employers avoid World Cup related staff issues.


ACAS Advice for the Men’s Football World Cup

Time Off

It is accepted that workplaces must have minimum levels of staff available and working at any one time in order to remain productive.  The World Cup may cause disruption in this regard and to ensure that staff are kept on-side, staff may look to be more flexible and co-operative in regards to leave during the World Cup.

Don’t forget, apply the same approach to leave as with other major sporting events to ensure consistency and fairness!

Sickness Absence

There is the potential for abuse of the company’s sickness policy during the World Cup and employers should carefully monitor absences during this period, e.g. high levels of sickness absence or attendance issues.

Social Media and Website Use

An increase in social media usage is likely during the World Cup and it would be prudent to remind staff of any social media policies in place to avoid potential issues.

Likewise, there is the potential for staff to attempt to watch the games on the internet during working hours – it is recommended that policies should be clear on what is and isn’t allowed.

Be flexible to avoid staff discontent – consider allowing flexible dinner breaks during match times, shift swapping and flexible working hours.  Remember, you must be fair and consistent with ALL staff, not just those wishing to watch the football.

It is reminded that any change/flexibility should be approved in advance.

Drinking or Being Under the Influence at Work

The World Cup season could create alcohol related problems as people may like to grab a pint or two during the match – it is likely that your company will prohibit drinking/being under the influence at work and, as such, staff should be reminded of this and any policies you may have in place.

For further workplace advice please check out acas.org.uk


Embrace the Team Spirit….the Glen Callum sweepstake

We decided to embrace the football team spirit ourselves and have a little fun along the way.   Who will win the GCA team sweepstake?  Below are a few of the “teams of interest” and the lucky (or unlucky) GCA world cup sweepers!

Teams                              GCA Recruiter       

England                            Claire   (Amusing for Claire as she is our only Welsh member of staff!)

Germany                          Greg

Russia                              Glen (He’s hoping the hosts perform a miracle!)

Mexico                              Kayleigh

Brazil                                Jenny (current favourite – keep smiling Jenny)

Belgium                            Kerrie

Spain                                Julian (shame they have just sacked their team manager)

The donkey teams!       Gary and Tom  (sorry both – just unlucky this time!)

For the football fans amongst you then sit back, enjoy the world cup and let GCA do your recruiting for you! For those of you that loathe football and find yourselves screaming at the constant coverage and hype why not spend the time updating your latest CV! 

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