Ethical Recruiting the Glen Callum Way!

Some recruitment agencies may be tempted into the trap of unethical recruitment,  unfortunately this not only hurts their reputation but can affect the reputation of their clients and their candidates’ potential careers. At Glen Callum Associates we are proud to champion ethical recruitment practice.   Outlined below are a few of the questions we have been asked by clients and candidates over the years regarding ethical recruitment.

Why do some recruiters approach candidates they have previously placed and been paid for?

We are often asked this question by clients and our proud response is:

We guarantee this is not our approach.  We do not actively contact any of our current clients’ staff and we do not solicit candidates we have placed unless they have approached us directly requesting a move.

Why do some recruiters send a batch of CV’s to employers without having spoken to the candidates or without having been instructed by the employer to work on the role?

Our view on this is two fold

Firstly, the recruiters that do this are acting unethically towards their candidates by sending out their CV details without checking their interest, gaining their permission or even assessing their suitability for the role.

Secondly, they are acting unethically by creating “a race” between recruiters. An unfair position for an ethical recruiter who has obtained their candidates permission, spent time briefing the candidate only to find an unscrupulous recruiter has simply downloaded unknowing candidates’ CV’s, pressed the send button and thus beaten them to it!

Hopefully employers who advocate this practise will understand over time that selecting unscreened candidates will likely be a time consuming and costly exercise

Why pay a recruiter who doesn’t screen candidates thoroughly?

Surely candidates who haven’t been properly vetted and who don’t fully understand the role and the company are the candidates who are more likely to drop out of the recruitment process or leave?

Hence sending batches of unsolicited CV’s to employers will not happen at Glen Callum!

We are also asked by candidates…

Will my details be sent out to employers without my permission?

Once again our proud and simple response is “No”!  “We ensure that our candidates are thoroughly briefed on the role and the company and their permission is given prior to us sending their details to any client”.

Recruitment has a bad reputation for a number of reasons, however we believe if the industry was tighter regulated and if all recruiters followed a few simple ethical rules then the recruitment process would be fairer for all.

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That’s one of the reasons why Glen Callum Associates became a fully fledged member of the REC and have been members since 2009.   The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is a “not for profit” professional body for UK recruitment businesses. Established in 1930 the REC work to support members in achieving, improving and maintaining the standards and reputation of the recruitment industry. What recruiters do matters and the REC assist through legal advice, training and guidance.

To enable continued membership we have to sit a compliance test covering key industry legislation and in particular the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (the Conduct Regulations) and the REC Code of Professional Practice. Agencies need a pass rate of at least 80% to enable continued membership.

Therefore if you are looking for ethical recruiters, look for the REC logo!

The Glen Callum Recruiters are also registered with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP).  Prior to registration with the IRP our recruiters have to demonstrate that they are committed to safeguarding the industry’s code of ethics, that they are serious about an ethical career in recruitment and they are dedicated in representing our clients in a way that ensures brand value and reputation is upheld. Glen Callum uphold a high standard of ethical practises and maintain a consistently high score on their compliance tests.

Read our positive testimonials here from our clients and candidates to see how the “Glen Callum Ethical Way” can help you.

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