Are you a “Blue Monday” or a “Job Opportunity Monday” person?

Today has been labelled Blue Monday, the day when many are dreading the doom and gloom of returning to work, the Christmas leftovers have all been devoured and the decorations are being packaged away for another year….

Today we want to put our own label on the day and call it Opportunity Monday!  The day when you welcome the opportunities that the new year brings…January is the month when historically new job prospects are at their highest on the job boards, a wealth of opportunities are appearing and if you have the will to start the new year with achievement at the top of your agenda then it’s the ideal time to get your CV out there.

shutterstock_125204606So welcome “Job Opportunity Monday” with the rest of the Glen Callum Team by sending us your CV, do it now and allow us to assist you with the New Year prospects!

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