Automotive Jobs boost – autonomous vehicles to create 320,000 jobs!

SMMT-Job-Boost-255x300Connected and autonomous vehicles will provide huge social, industrial and economic benefits to the UK according to recent KPMG research commissioned by the SMMT. 

KPMG has found that these new vehicles will deliver a £51 billion boost to the UK economy, create an additional 320K jobs and reduce serious road traffic accidents by more than 25,000 a year by 2030. Crucially, it also forecasts the UK will be a global leader in the production of this next generation of vehicles.

The figures were announced at the recent SMMT Connected, the first ever industry-wide event in Britain to explore the opportunities and challenges ahead and demonstrate how the UK automotive sector is already developing the cars of the future. Leading experts from BMW, Bosch, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Volvo championed their efforts to develop tomorrow’s intelligent vehicles and discussed how society as a whole can benefit from this latest technology.  Good news for automotive manufacturing  as an extra 25,000 jobs created in this sector alone.

For the Full report Click here

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