5 top tips for jobseekers using online job boards

There are various ways to ensure you are successful in your search for new positions, obviously as a recruitment consultancy we like to think that we will be your first and only port of call!  However, we thought we would give you the benefit of our expertise with regards to using online job boards.  

As recruiters who use a plethora of these boards we know exactly what works and what we are looking for from the recruiters aspect, therefore we are able to help ensure that you get “inside tips” on ensuring YOUR CV is the CV that recruiters are drawn to first.

  1. Google your current / required job title, industry and location to establish the most relevant job boards for your search.  There are an endless number of online job boards available however your time is better served concentrating on job boards that are relevant to the type of position you are looking for – It is useful to place your CV with the “leading generalist” job boards, i.e., CV library, Reed, Monster etc.,  however  of equal importance is ensuring that your CV is also placed with; industry specific boards, job type specific boards and also location specific boards.  By googling your preferred job title it allows you to quantify which job boards have the best online presence with regards to your chosen career move. 
  2. Ensure you include as much detail as you can about yourself and the position you require on the job board input forms this information will be viewed by recruiters who have access to the job board database and can determine their selection.   This information may also be part of the “key word” searches, if you state that the position you are looking for is “any” then you are not likely to show if an employer has requested CV details for candidates who have included the term “Field Sales” as their prospective position.  
  3. Ensure your CV includes relevant “key words”.  If for example you are looking for a position within automotive diagnostics ensure that the term “automotive diagnostic” is included in your CV.  “Key words” are used as search criteria by recruiters to determine the most relevant candidates on the database, therefore it is imperative that any terms likely to be used in a search for a candidate are included in your CV. 
  4. Refresh your CV frequently Job boards will regularly email registered recruiters with CV’s of candidates who have new or updated CV’s as this demonstrates that these candidates are actively looking for a job opportunity.   Ensure that your CV is regularly emailed and brought to the attention of employers by refreshing/updating your CV on a regular basis. 
  5. Ensure you have sufficient contact details and ensure that you are available to return emails/telephone calls or you have a voicemail facility on your phone.  If an employer is working through a large list of prospective candidates they are less likely to persist if they are unable to make initial contact.

For more “recruitment insider” hints and tips get in touch with a member of the team here at Glen Callum Associates, alternatively email your CV details and we will ensure that your CV is included in our database for access to our market leading automotive aftermarket and industrial jobs.



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