3 Things Recruiters Do Not Want To See On your CV

Writing a CV is probably the first step when applying for a job, it is a great way of showcasing your talent and skill set and furthermore demonstrating how you can be an asset to the company you are applying to.

Everyone knows what you should include, experience, education, interests. But what shouldn’t you include?

Remember your CV should be relevant to both yourself and the job you are applying for and should also be easy to understand!

Below are three examples of recruiters personal pet hates.  We do not want to see these on CV’s!

Overused Buzz Words/Phrases

Ok, so you might be a ‘hard worker’ or you might ‘think outside the box.’ But unfortunately, these phrases mean nothing as they’ve been overused.

Try to think of phrases that will describe your achievements, e.g. ‘Influencer’ or ‘skilled negotiator’ this will really show off your skills!
Complicated/Snazzy formatting

With an average of 250 CV’s per role and recruiters spending an average of 5-7 seconds looking at your CV, your CV should be clear, concise and easy to read.  (Unless you’re applying for a marketing or design role, then be as snazzy as you like!)

Try to make your headings easy to see, make sure your key experiences and skills are clearly visible and do not fill whole pages full of text. Writing a short summary about your relevant experience at the top of your CV will go a long way in ensuring your CV doesn’t end up in the (recycling!) bin.

Think, would you want to read this CV if you were a recruiter and looked at hundreds a day?

Irrelevant information

We do NOT want to see your Son/Daughter/Wife/Cousins/Dogs/Cats/Guinea Pigs/Llamas life story on your CV! Believe it or not we have seen it all and could reel off a tale or two, but seriously, there is a whole host of information people put in their CV’s that will make a recruiter/employer question ‘Is this person right for this role?’

The mind set to have when typing your CV is ‘will this be relevant and will the employer need to know this information?’ There’s plenty of time to tell your Llamas life story once you’ve got the job!

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