2014 Insight into the UK Recruitment market!

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has updated their members on the major opportunities and challenges for the recruitment industry for 2014. As members of the REC we thought it useful to share and update OUR clients and candidates with information from this bulletin to allow an insight into the industry, enabling OUR customers to be a step ahead in their own recruitment and job search strategies!

The REC anticipates 2014 being a year full of opportunity for the UK recruitment industry.
The economy is growing with most economists predicting GDP being well above 2%. Therefore they forecast that the UK recruitment market will see accelerating growth with the first quarter growing at about 7% followed by the market picking up to above 8% across the latter part of 2014.

However the challenge this year will continue to be candidate availability, the second challenge in many managerial and professional markets is the growing shortage of skill and talent. At the beginning of 2013 the REC/KPMG Report on Jobs showed 14 areas of skill shortage and as we start 2014, the number has risen to 47 and is accelerating month on month. This means we are re-entering a candidate driven market. Successful recruiters in these markets will need to develop content that attracts this scarce talent while then building meaningful relationships that keeps the talent close.

At Glen Callum Associates we will beat the above challenges by ensuring we continue to develop relationships with the candidates we have on our substantial 16 year database, along with engaging new candidates, attracting fresh talent with our continued networking activity and industry insights and therefore building further relationships.   We have also invested a great deal of time and resource in the areas of advertising and embracing new technologies and Glen Callum is now proud to boast an excellent web presence, social networking presence, our leading “autojobs” job app as well as still utilising the traditional methods of advertising in trade press and on job boards.

 GCA Key Priorities for 2014

  • Ensure we continue to lead in advertising, attracting new talent and embracing social networking technologies.
  • Continue to engage candidates and build on new and existing relationships
  • Continue to build and source new Client relationships – ensuring more job offerings
  • Ensure we are at the forefront of industry knowledge

If candidate availability and shortage is to be a challenge in 2014 then we are confident this is a challenge we are able to rise to and attracting talent is number 1 on the GCA agenda!

As relationship building with both candidates and clients is key in ensuring we both offer our candidates a large range of opportunities and our clients a large range of suitable candidates then you can be assured that we will be ensuring we also have relationship building and client and candidate engagement high on our priorities for 2014.  Therefore a call or communication from a member of the GCA team is likely to be heading your way.

Should you wish to engage with us prior to this to ensure you remain a step ahead then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you are looking for jobs within the automotive aftermarket, Motor vehicle Industry, Aerospace, Engineering, Industrial or similar then view our jobs page on www.glencallum.co.uk  or contact us on 01384 485274 or jobs@glencallum.co.uk or download the autojobs app.

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