Job Agencies – The best service???

Job Agencies – Advice and Information to ensure you are getting the best service!

We are sometimes asked by jobseekers who have never used an agency before whether using a recruitment agency is the way forward with regards to job searching.  We have included a few pointers from the website of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Federation) who are the representative body for the UK’s recruitment and staffing industry on how to get the best out of your job or recruitment agency

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Interview Preparation Rules

10 simple but effective rules for interview Preparation!

  1. Research the company/organisation.
  2. Research the role and match it to your CV.
  3. Check out the location, your journey time, parking facilities etc
  4. Ensure you are able to talk through your CV.
  5. Think about the questions that may be asked about your CV and practice your answers.
  6. Ensure you have brag answers ready to usual interview questions and be able to demonstrate “real life” or “work” scenarios to highlight your achievements.
  7. Ensure you have plenty of questions ready to ask during and at the end of your interview.
  8. Ask about the next stage and show your enthusiasm!
  9. Ascertain if the interviewer has any concerns about why you wouldn’t be a perfect fit for the role – and then highlight positives about yourself to allay any doubts.
  10. Ensure you read any preparation notes sent to you by the interviewer and CARRY THEM OUT!

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