10 Simple Pre-Interview Tips!

Our simple checklist of 10 pre-interview tips!

Make sure you are prepared for your interview by carrying out a few simple pre-interview tasks.  This will allow you to enter the interview room on time and with confidence!

  1. Research the company
  2. Ensure appropriate and clean/pressed interview attire
  3. Practise interview questions / mock an interview with a friend
  4. Plan your journey / check traffic, parking, transport timetables
  5. Prepare questions to ask and take questions with you
  6. Understand the job specification – bullet point key areas
  7. Know your CV – ensure you can talk through your career
  8. List where your CV matches the job spec – highlight matches
  9. Check out the interview format / names of interviewers
  10. Check the time, date and location!

Glen Callum Associates have years of experience with regards to interview hints and tips.  Check again soon for our interview and post interview tips!  In the interim have a chat to one of our consultants on 01384 485274 for any advice and help you may need on interview hints and tips.


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