10 How to get Hired Tips

Tips to get hired….before you even speak…..by Glen Shepherd, Recruitment Director

Even before you obtain an interview you are being assessed. here are 10 pointers that recruiters and employers look at even before getting face to face:

  1. CV appearance: Layout, typeface, grammar, spelling, key points. Your CV is the best product literature that you will ever write. So often I hear the comment “my CV’s pretty basic but has the essentials” Why accept second best. This is the document that is key towards getting you into the interview chair and in front of decision makers. If it looks good guess what?
  2. Covering letter: Tailor to the job, company or individual. Sending out a blanket covering letter demonstrates lack of creativity and attention to detail.
  3. Attention to detail: Do you actually fit the criteria outlined in the job advert or specification? Have you considered the location? are there any specific skills that are a must have? Are you trying to fit a job that really isn’t in line with your skills? If you are unable to match the criteria. Look for jobs that will suit, be selective. Your hiring manager and associated recruiter will appreciate this and may even help with alternative options.
  4. Follow up dialogue: Acknowledge meeting arrangements via email or telephone. So many times candidates are asked to confirm attendance via return email and more often than not this never happens. Doing nothing is more noticeable. It gives an impression. If asked to confirm arrangements ensure you do. Be thorough.
  5. Pre – Interview / meeting: Be prepared. Conduct research and think about the questions that you would also like to ask. After 16 years of recruiting the most common interview failure is lack of planning & preparation. So many times the feedback is “failed to plan”.
  6. Be organised: Contact name, company, job titles have all the information to hand.
  7. Be punctual: Are you able to make an appointment on time. It’s straight forward and simple. Don’t be late.
  8. Be smart: Appearance counts. If you look the part and are ready for business, people want to conduct business with you. It’s a much over looked pointer. Dress for the occasion. If you’re applying for a clowns job, dress like a clown. Don’t dress like a clown for a business opportunity.
  9. Positive introduction: Firm handshake and a smile. It goes a long way. A positive introduction builds the foundation for a positive meeting / interview.

Glen Shepherd has been a  Director at recruitment leaders Glen Callum Associates for over 16 years and has a detailed knowledge of candidate and job sourcing.  For more hints and tips to secure your dream role contact Glen directly at Glen Callum Associates on 01384 485274 or email jobs@glencallum.co.uk


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