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The Mayor of Dudley comes to visit Glen Callum Associates

What a day! An exciting visit occurred for us here at Glen Callum Associates as the Mayor of Dudley came to Glen Callum as part of his pledge to visit 100 businesses during his time in office. The visits are being conducted to celebrate the achievements and successes of local businesses within the Dudley Borough.

Glen and Kerrie explained to The Mayor how Glen Callum has thrived for almost 20 years, powering through the recession, and also explaining how we plan to continue to flourish through Brexit illustrating how the automotive industry will always need top automotive talent and clarifying how we will continue to source top talent using our flexibility and tenacity. Continue reading full article

3 Things Recruiters Do Not Want To See On your CV

Writing a CV is probably the first step when applying for a job, it is a great way of showcasing your talent and skill set and furthermore demonstrating how you can be an asset to the company you are applying to.

Everyone knows what you should include, experience, education, interests. But what shouldn’t you include?

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German Speaking Jobs


Glen Callum geht Deutsch! – Glen Callum goes German!

**Wir stellen ein! Bewerben Sie sich jetzt!**


We are currently recruiting for a number of interesting bilingual English and German speaking jobs in various areas and countries including Stourbridge (Close to Birmingham, Dudley, Wolverhampton and Telford), The Bavaria region in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia and two National roles, one in Germany and one in France.

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2017 Meet the Boss man….and what you didn’t know….

Glen Callum Associates was established over 18 years ago and continues to flourish, excelling in supplying leading automotive, industrial and engineering businesses with tailored recruitment solutions throughout the UK, Europe and now other parts of the globe…..But what has been the businesses driving force in its success and what’s the story so far?

Well let’s start with the companies co-founder and current Director Glen Shepherd…. 


The start 1971….from humble beginnings….

Born in the heart of the Black Country, the home of the industrial revolution and the son of a steel works engineer, our Glen endured a humble upbringing.  Schooled in a tough Midlands estate school and belonging to a family with a staunch tradition of making steel and working within gutsy heavy industry ensured he became streetwise at an early age.  He adopted a stringent attitude towards hard work, toil and grafting.  You can say hard work was ingrained into his DNA. Continue reading full article

The cost of a Recruitment mistake!

What is the cost of a bad hire?

Are employers aware of the financial impact to their business?

A recent study by the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) states that 85% of HR professionals admit their business has made poor hiring mistakes.

The key findings of the report:

  • 33% of HR professionals believe hiring mistakes cost the business nothing. (We say thank goodness for the other 67%!)
  • £132,000 is the calculated cost of a poor recruitment hire at mid-manager level. Continue reading full article

Automechanika 2017 – Bigger, Better and Birmingham based!


The world’s leading exhibition for the automotive supply chain and aftermarket comes to the UK again following its successful inaugural year last year.  The show is 70% bigger in 2017 and hosts exhibitors from the UK and overseas.

The Glen Callum Team are once again visiting Automechanika Birmingham networking with automotive supply chain and aftermarket companies from across the UK.

The show opens on Tuesday 6 June at the NEC Birmingham to thousands of buyers and automotive industry business people keen to see what the 800-plus exhibiting companies have to offer.  Birmingham is once again proud to host the event at the UK’s centre. Continue reading full article

Perfecting the Recruitment Process: The Employers Guide

A frequent ask, especially for an employer new to the recruiting process, is “what is the best approach to take when looking to recruit”?

Glen Callum Associates was established over 17 years ago and therefore our staff have a wealth of knowledge to share to enable recruitment success. To ensure that a business is ready to embark on the recruitment journey we suggest employers need to have a check on the following:

Understanding – Employers need to ensure they fully understand the position they want to fill and the type of candidate they want to recruit. It can be a costly exercise in both time and recruitment budget if the process becomes drawn out whilst businesses are “testing the market” to determine the kind of candidate who may be a fit.

Timescale– Employers need to ensure they set time aside for the recruitment process and they are aware of their timescales to recruit. Active job search candidates are quite often only on the job Continue reading full article

How to interview like an expert!

We have put together 5 top tips on “how to interview both professionally and effectively whilst ensuring that the recruitment experience is useful and leaves the candidate with a positive view on the process and the company”.

1. Smile and encourage the candidate – an interview process can be extremely nervous, for both the interviewer and the interviewee, however nerves do not necessarily mean that the candidate is unsuitable. Take nerves into account – a good interviewer will put the candidate at ease and therefore allow them to impart their knowledge and capabilities.

2. Be aware of your expectations – A candidate who is being interviewed for a junior position may not have the same communications skills as a candidate applying for a more senior role, be realistic.

3. Have prepared a synopsis on the company and the role – by explaining the position and the company to the candidate you are allowing them to make realistic choices as to whether they Continue reading full article

Festive Funny from the Glen Callum Recruitment Team

Seasons Greetings to all our clients and candidates from the Glen Callum Team!

Glen Callum Associates have decided to make donations to the British Heart Foundation this year in place of sending Traditional Christmas Cards.  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for the support they have shown us during 2016.  We also wanted to wish all of our candidates success in their new roles and to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Here’s to a busy 2017!



Well done to Claire, our black belt in internet recruitment!

Internet Recruiting Ninja

Claire is the latest of our team to successfully complete the “sourcing Ninja” course run by Social Talent.  (Social Talent is the leading global provider of online and social media training to the recruitment industry).

As part of the Glen Callum Associates continued professional development and training programme, our staff have the opportunity to complete “The Black Belt in internet Recruitment course” recommended for recruitment, headhunt and HR professionals.  The course is designed to teach recruitment professionals how to become more efficient, proactive and effective Recruiters. Continue reading full article