Engaging candidates in a candidate driven market

What’s in it for me?

How to engage candidates in today’s candidate driven job market.

It’s all there, the tools at the end of our fingertips to find and engage candidates, we have a plethora of social networking tools both professional and social to allow us to track, find and contact the next generation of employee for our organisation – so where is the difficulty?

The difficulty is in engaging.

A candidate has a visible profile on a job board or a networking site allowing for the ever earnest recruiter or company direct hirer to contact them.   The blog/email contact is made leaving the hirer/recruiter with eager enthusiasm awaiting a response to allow them to present their “latest exciting opportunity”.

Sounds simple – So what happens next?

The candidate ignores the request – the  details they placed on the job board are no longer current, they found an opportunity 6 months ago and are no longer on the job market – they have been so busy with their new exciting position that they didn’t take the time to remove or amend their online details.


The candidate ignores the request – they were just “testing the market” following a bad day, they are no longer considering new opportunities and didn’t take the time to remove/amend their details.


The candidate ignores the request – they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the number of approaches from recruiters/hirers with jobs that are far from ideal that they no longer want to view opportunities presented this way – they will apply for a job when they are ready.


The candidate ignores the request – the contact has been made by a recruiter/hirer who is unknown to them and they do not trust – a difficulty with the ever increasing worry of online fraud.


The candidate ignores the request – they have put their details on professional social networks to gain increased sales, or to gather information on competitors, or to share blog advice – not for job searching.


The candidate responds !   EASY!

So what now?

What’s in it for me? 

Now is the difficult task of engaging the candidate who  now perceives that they are in the enviable position of being chased and their initial thought will be “What’s in it for me”.

The task now is to gain the candidates trust, interest, understanding – to ensure the candidate is not only interested but suitable, that they are looking for positions, that they have the skills and expertise required, that their salary expectations are in line with the role, that their career aspirations are matched, that they fit in with the culture of the organisation, that they are located within a commutable distance, that the role will fit in with their home life, that the hours suit.   All of these considerations are not always visible from their online profile.

And IF all of these considerations are met you then have to be prepared for a counter offer – the candidate has been chased after all and may not have been actively looking for a new job – however the mention to their current employer that they have been approached has now just ensured them a pay rise.  Why should they make a move?  They have now been nicely remunerated without having to go through any kind of job move.  Or, the candidate has had time to reflect and although a change of job is of interest they are aware they have been chased so they decide to sit tight and wait for a bigger or better opportunity.

Candidate response – Thanks but I’m ok where I am for now.

So what now?

You start again.

This is obviously a very simplistic example of the potential hurdles when approaching a contact with a view to presenting a job.  The most difficult part of any recruit is not the sourcing of the candidate, it is the engaging and screening.  Understanding the needs of the candidate and having the ability to match, listen and engage is key to any successful recruit.  Social Networking is obviously a time consuming method of recruiting and albeit may be viewed as a “free” method for finding staff a consideration of the frustration and time involved for the hirer should be a key consideration.

To engage candidates is imperative to the success of any professional recruiter/hirer and therefore food for thought for any hirer who believes that “social networking” is their dream solution to recruiting staff.  A good hirer/recruiter will ensure that a rapport is built over a period of time with candidates, therefore gaining their trust and also an understanding of the needs and aspirations of the candidate.  Retaining a network of potential candidates is obviously a “long term” investment for any recruiter/hirer and the persistence, understanding and organisational skills needed for this is key in dividing a good recruiter from an exceptional recruiter.


For further advice on how we can assist you with your candidate engagement contact our professional recruiters at Glen Callum Associates Ltd.  We have a team of successful consultants with the skills and expertise to engage and screen candidates, enabling only the most suitable and interested jobseekers to be presented to our clients.

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Good News for Black Country Manufacturing Jobs!

The Minister for Cities, Greg Clark, formally signed the City Deal with Black Country local authorities and the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership.

The City Deal signed in February 2014 will in the next four years: 


  • Create 5,800 new manufacturing jobs
  • Leverage around £130 million of private investment to regenerate Brownfield sites across the Black Country
  • Create 1,500 apprenticeships in high value manufacturing jobs
  • Provide intensive support for 2,800 long-term unemployed people in the area to help them find a job

Stewart Towe, Chair of the Black Country LEP, said, “The Black Country’s partnership approach has made the City Deal possible; it will enable the Black Country to seize global opportunities based on our strengths as the beating heart of UK High Value Manufacturing and ensure more of the products made in the Black Country are sold around the world.”

Councillor Roger Lawrence, Leader of Wolverhampton City Council, on behalf of the local authorities, said, “This City Deal is the beginning of a new era of growth in the Black Country as it gives the Black Country the opportunity to create new jobs, boost business and provide new housing in regenerated land.”

Greg Clark, Minister for Cities, said, “This City Deal is a landmark achievement. It puts the levers of power firmly into the hands of the Black Country so that everyone can benefit from real, local economic growth. The jobs that it will create, the commercial sites it will unlock and the skills it will provide to young people and the long-term unemployed will put the Black Country in a prime position to take advantage as the economy turns the corner.”

View the full article at http://www.blackcountrylep.co.uk/news/Black-Country-City-Deal-signed 

As Glen Callum Associates is a UK company based within the heart of the Black Country in Central Midlands we are proud to hear that the local area will receive an economic boost enabling more jobs, opportunities and general development and growth. 


We are currently working with other local initiatives to ensure that we are at the forefront of assisting local businesses with their recruitment within the manufacturing and engineering sectors.  For more information on our work in local recruitment or if you are a local company looking to increase your staffing levels then get in touch, we will be happy to visit you at your premises to discuss your recruitment plans further.  

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Interview Preparation – The Forgotten Art

You’ve done the difficult part tailoring your CV and selling yourself to get short-listed for interview against dozens of other eager candidates.  Now is your chance to impress your future employer.

Preparation is the first hurdle and your interviewer will be using this as an indication as to what kind of employee you may become, should you be successful.

Here are the basic essentials to bear in mind:


  • Be sure to research the company, their customer-base, services and/or products as thoroughly as possible. Visit the website, read the news and blogs, find out what they’re up to, and what direction they’re going in.
  • LinkedIn is a good networking tool, but you might also consider looking up your interviewer(s), their background and hobbies. Not only will this uncover common ground and elicit conversation, but they will notice that you have viewed them as research.
  • Attitude is also key.  Avoid any negative comments about previous employers or ex-colleagues and talk about what you can do in the role, rather than focus on what competitors can’t do.


  • Personal presentation. Many employers are staunchly traditional and will expect smart suit, tie and conservative (or at least restrained!) hairstyle. So ditch the Micky Mouse tie, football socks and the gelled Mohican.
  • Bring a notepad and pen. If you’re serious about joining the company you will be investigating whether it is the right fit for you. It’s prudent to gather this information and shows you are serious.


  • Two documents that you should know thoroughly (and bring hard copies of) are your CV and the job description. Do you have any gaps in employment that need explaining? Is there something in the job spec you’re rusty on and need to brush up?
  • If you can get your hands on catalogues, flyers, leaflets or any other assorted literature, this is always a good thing to have conspicuously poking out of the top of your notes.
  • At the end of your interview you will almost certainly be asked if you have any questions for your interviewers. The only thing worse than asking about salary or holiday allowance is having no questions at all.

So these are the interview preparation essentials, the minimum requirement for any successful first interview. You can and should go over and beyond these standards, because the old cliché ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail’ is here to stay.

For more hints and tips chat with the Glen Callum Team on 01384 485274.

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The Automotive Aftermarkets version of the Oscars!

Glen Callum Associates were once again proud to be invited to the 2014 CAT awards the automotive aftermarkets industry event aimed at rewarding factors, garages, retailers, suppliers and individuals who have achieved or excelled.,

Held at the prestigious Twickenham Rugby Stadium the event was well represented by the “movers and shakers” of the industry.

The next edition of the CAT will host a full line of up of the winners, so we won’t steal their thunder here,  however the Glen Callum Team were proud to applaud one of their successful recruits taking the “Rising Star” award.

After 16 years of dedicated recruiting within the automotive aftermarket it’s always rewarding to hear that the candidates we place are proving triumphant in their roles!

Well done to all the winners and nominees who were successfully recognised for their efforts within the aftermarket.