Job Agencies – The best service???

Job Agencies – Advice and Information to ensure you are getting the best service!

We are sometimes asked by jobseekers who have never used an agency before whether using a recruitment agency is the way forward with regards to job searching.  We have included a few pointers from the website of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Federation) who are the representative body for the UK’s recruitment and staffing industry on how to get the best out of your job or recruitment agency

  • Keep regular contact with them – make a note to ring them weekly
  • Give them all the information they need to make the job search easy
  • Be honest with the type of job you are looking for and your salary expectations
  • Tell them if there is a particular type of job you don’t want
  • Keep your CV accurate and up-to-date
  • Consider any advice from your consultant about improving your CV
    (remember they are professionals and they want to help you get a job)
  • Talk to your agency if they are not finding you work. It may be because there isn’t enough of the type of work you want and you might want to think about other types of work you are willing to do.
  • Some REC member agencies specialise in industry sectors, so your chances to get your ideal job maybe greater with a specialist agency.
  • Don’t form your opinion of an agency based on their website alone. Check their credentials before sending your CV
  • Be wary of posting your CV onto a website without investigating the agency first
  • Think twice before disclosing personal information (such as your date of birth) that is not relevant to the job
  • Learn to treat your CV as you would your bank cards and PINs
  • Use an REC member agency if possible. To find an agency please visit our Consultancy Finder.
We believe that Glen Callum Associates give an excellent service to jobseekers and our testimonials are testament to this, however should you wish to speak with a member of our recuitment team for more information with regards to our job service for candidates then please do not hesitate to call us!


Interview Preparation Rules

10 simple but effective rules for interview Preparation!

  1. Research the company/organisation.
  2. Research the role and match it to your CV.
  3. Check out the location, your journey time, parking facilities etc
  4. Ensure you are able to talk through your CV.
  5. Think about the questions that may be asked about your CV and practice your answers.
  6. Ensure you have brag answers ready to usual interview questions and be able to demonstrate “real life” or “work” scenarios to highlight your achievements.
  7. Ensure you have plenty of questions ready to ask during and at the end of your interview.
  8. Ask about the next stage and show your enthusiasm!
  9. Ascertain if the interviewer has any concerns about why you wouldn’t be a perfect fit for the role – and then highlight positives about yourself to allay any doubts.
  10. Ensure you read any preparation notes sent to you by the interviewer and CARRY THEM OUT!

As a seasoned interviewer I sometimes see candidates with excellent attributes fail due to lack of simple preparation.  In today’s world of competition it is quite often the candidate who shows the most enthusiasm for the role who ensures they have the edge over their fellow interviewees.  Don’t use the “wing it” method; albeit you may have been lucky in the past an employer wants to see a candidate who has ‘made the effort’ during the interview process, potentially they will be the candidate most likely to ‘make the effort’ during their working day!

If you consider the interview process as you would a sales process then the military adage of the 7 P’s is essential!

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance!!!!!